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The Art of Community


Given the open source movement, the growing popularity of the Internet and social networks, and the cornucopia of new tools for collaboration, more and more people are looking for ways to build community around things that used to be done by individuals or tightly controlled groups: art, product development, news, political statements, and so on. We'd like to help people build communities to do these things.

This wiki started with the ultimate goal of publishing a book. But this proved unfeasible. The current chapters that were contributed are remaining on this site, where you can contribute to them. You can also create your own.


This site melds community and technology. It's for people who are aware that the Internet and computer technology are having an impact on how communities are built and work together, and who want to be effective in this environment. Articles can cover particular technologies that help communities form and collaborate. Other articless may not cover technology per se, but will talk about community in the context of available or emerging technology. Even the articles about technology are not guides to particular tools. They are general overviews about the value of technology (as well as problems to look out for) for people working in communities.


Try to stay conversational, but with good grammar and a sense of poise to your writing. This site is practical and educational, but is neither a technical how-to or a policy statement.

Articles should be about 6,000 words in length, but this is a very flexible rule. Let each article be the right length for what you have to say.

Where to start

Pick a chapter, and begin contributing!


Original Outline
Other Topics
Topic: Community to Cult
Topic: Web 2.0 TM piling on mentality of groups and communities
Topic: Level of maturity

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