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=Getting Started=
=Getting Started=
==[[Terms of Service]]==
* [[Terms of Service]]
==[[Editing Policy]]==
* [[Editing Policy]]

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Getting Started

New Wiki Books

This area is for original content that is written and edited directly in the MediaWiki framework. It is our hope that many interested individuals will contribute and make the resulting product more appealing and complete.

The Art of Community


This area is for content that may come from titles that have been published by O'Reilly and are being revised on the MediaWiki. It is our intent to have as many interested inviduals post, edit, contribute and get involved in revising content that, today, may not make commercial sense as a printed book.

Community Documentation

This area is intended to be for individuals who are interested in writing documentation for open source and other types of software products.

Legal Notice

If you do anything that messes with this, we will frag you with a laser gun or flank cannon.

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