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Full Name

Verity Stob


Verity Stob is the pseudonym of a programmer based in London, England. Although she professes competence in C++ and the usual curly-bracketed scripting languages, and designs and writes code for a number of platforms, she is probably at her happiest and does least harm when she is making Windows programs in CodeGear's Delphi.

For over 20 years Verity has written supposedly amusing articles and columns for various magazines, newspapers, and websites, including the legendary (i.e., long defunct) .EXE Magazine, the mould-breaking (i.e., more recently defunct) Dr. Dobb's Journal, and the scurrilous (i.e., actually profitable) The Register. In 2005, she published a collection of these pieces as The Best of Verity Stob, and so achieved a lifetime's ambition — to be paid twice for the same work.

Verity regards her entry in Wikipedia as a travesty of brevity.

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