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My name is Tom Flaherty. I am co-owner of Birch Hill Technology Group, Inc. and I specialize in the Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence genres.

I have been working with SQL since 1989, when I was fortunate enough to receive training in ORACLE V6 Development using a VAX Cluster. I proceeded into ORACLE V7, then became a DBA, and a UNIX devotee, currently proficient in ORACLE 10G, always forging into 11G. I gained exposure to SQL-Server and Sybase along the way as well. Today, I count DB2 LUW as another RDBMS I am proficient in.

Of course, SQL is an essential tool to my business, but I suggest that all non-technical professionals strive to attain some level of SQL proficieny. In our business culture, nobody can avoid exposure to relational databases, and those who can understand or use SQL always have the advantage; this includes professionals in Marketing, Accounting, Sales, and Management roles.

I am very pleased to have been asked to contribute to this effort and look forward to its publication.


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