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Full Name

Udi Dahan


Udi Dahan is The Software Simplist, recognized by Microsoft Corporation with the coveted Most Valuable Professional award for Solutions Architecture now 3 years running. Udi is a Connected Technologies Advisor working with Microsoft on WCF, WF, and Oslo. He also serves on the Advisory Boards of the Microsoft Software Factories Initiative and the Patterns & Practices’ Prism Project. He provides clients all over the world with training, mentoring and high-end architecture consulting services, specializing in Service-Oriented, scalable and secure .NET architecture design.

Udi is a member of the European Speakers Bureau of the International .NET Association, an author and trainer for the International Association of Software Architects and a founding member of its Architect Training Committee. He is also a Dr. Dobb’s sponsored expert on Web Services, SOA, and XML.

Presenting at international conferences like TechEd USA, SD Best Practices, DevTeach Canada, Prio Germany, Øredev Sweden, TechEd Barcelona, QCon London, and TechEd Israel -– Udi covers in-depth mission-critical topics like durable services, persistent domain models, and multi-threaded occasionally connected clients.

Udi can be contacted via his blog: UdiDahan.com.

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