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The martial art of running away

Never eliminate the option of running away. If a battle starts going badly you should keep it as an option, but only when you are not in an instance.

Watch how much damage per hit an opponent does and when you get to about half health, you might want to think about running if you can't heal or won't kill the opponent before you die. Especially consider running, if you are fighting more than one opponent. Be wary of mobs that run when near death, since if they aggro several other mobs when they run, you should consider running too.

Good times to run

  • Many mobs won't follow you into water, but beware of water mobs where you run to, amphibious mobs, or humanoids that can swim. They will swim at your normal run speed, but you will swim at reduced speed.
  • Conversely, many water mobs won't follow you on land, but also beware of land mobs where you run to or amphibious mobs.
  • Also beware of mobs that have a ranged attack. They can attack from afar and more often if you're slowly swimming in water. Usually though, these types of mobs won't chase you very far.
  • Run to friendly guard NPCs, since they will sometimes aid you, and most likely there are no enemy mobs in such an area.
  • Even if you know you will die, consider where you will resurrect when you return to your corpse after you die. In many cases, you can die near a wall and resurrect yourself on the other side of that wall in safety.

Some things not to do when running

  • Don't run where there are other mobs whom you might aggro.
  • Don't run toward a hill or mountain or a valley that might lead to a dead-end or require a lot of maneuvering to get around.
  • Don't run off a cliff that may kill you from the drop.
  • Don't make a lot of turns and try to "juke" the mob. The AI, executing on the server, is infinitely responsive and will "head you off at the pass" and catch up that much faster.
  • Don't stop running until you're out of combat mode. After you attack, or stun, fear, sleep, etc. a mob, they will chase you further than they would if you had just run.

Useful things anyone can do before you run or while running

  • Drink a healing potion (or any equivalent) if you have it.
  • Yell for help in some way (/say, /yell, etc.).
  • Watch for and avoid obstacles like fences and walls; these will slow or stop a player without affecting a pursuing mob.
  • If you have enough health to take a few more hits from the mob, turn around (if that is necessary) and use a movement impairing effect or a stun effect on it, then proceed running.

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Based on Running away section of Combat article at WoWWiki.

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