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Back to [[97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know]]

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Full Name

Randy Stafford


Randy Stafford is a practicing software professional with 20 years’ experience as a developer, analyst, architect, manager, consultant, and author/presenter.

Currently for Oracle’s middleware development A-Team, he engages globally for proof-of-concept projects, architecture reviews, and production crises with diverse customer organizations, specializing in grid, SOA, performance, HA, and JEE/ORM work.

In past lives, Mr. Stafford has been Technical Advisor to agile vendor Rally Software, Chief Architect of SaaS company IQNavigator, Director of Development of SynXis Agent (acquired by Sabre), consultant for GemStone and Smalltalk, and a simulation specialist in the aerospace and CASE industries.

Long active in the professional community, he was a contributor to Martin Fowler’s Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture and Floyd Marinescu’s EJB Design Patterns, and a reviewer of other enterprise patterns books. He has presented at conferences of the Society for Computer Simulation, the International Council on Systems Engineering, the Agile Development Conference, and Oracle Open World, and he has participated heavily in online communities devoted to architecture and agile development.

His professional interests include domain model persistence, enterprise application architecture, application performance management, requirements analysis and specification, software development process, organizational culture, and leadership of people.

Mr. Stafford is motivated to improve the practice of software development and solve problems facing society. He lives in his native Denver, Colorado with his wife and family.

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