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Full Name

Philip Nelson


Philip Nelson is a technology generalist who's career began in hardware, moved to networks, systems, and administration and finally to changed software development and architecture when he found the most interesting things were going on. He has worked on software problems in transportation, finance, manufacturing, marketing and many infrastructure related areas. He has contributed to open source projects including JDOM, Crimsom, Apache, NAnt, Xerces, and SnapDAL and has become a student of how open source communities work together. He has contributed to books including "Java and XML" by Brett McLaughlin , "Applied Domain Driven Design" by Jimmy Nilsson and has reviewed and offered advice to numerous other publications. He has been a speaker at Software Development Best Practices and enjoys training of nearly any topic.

Philip's current interests are organizational design, the team and communication aspects of agile software techniques, social networks, domain driven design and the move of technology to the cloud.

Contact Info

Philip Nelson 918 S. Jackson St. Green Bay, WI 54301 920-437-3413




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