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Open Sources 2.0

Chris DiBona: Like its predecessor, the publication of Open Sources 2.0 represents the work of dozens of people both inside and outside of O'Reilly. It was my pleasure and privilege to work with Mark Stone again, and Danese Cooper was invaluable to the creation of the book. The inspiration behind the international section was hers, and she should be called out for that. In the first Open Sources I noted that Mark had said that "a book could be written about how this book was written." And while this one's creation was hardly as dramatic, it was no less challenging.

Special thanks to Mike Hendrickson, our O'Reilly editor, who made it almost too easy. Thanks to Tim, Rael, and Nat for the books, conferences and knowledge that your company has crammed into my brain. Keep up the great work! Additionally, thanks to the folks at Google who allowed me the spare cycles to produce the book—so, thanks Bill Coughran! I'd also like to extend my love to Denise and Neil Kruse, my parents Bennie and Cynthia, and especially my sister Trish—we miss you.

Finally, in the last Open Sources, I dedicated it to my patient girlfriend Christine, and now I dedicate this book and all my life's works to my wife Christine and our daughter Frannie. I love you more than I can say.

Danese Cooper: Thanks to my family—Joey, Adi, Zoe & Marie—who have put up with lots of absences as I've traveled the world meeting open source people. Thanks also to my friends, especially Brian Behlendorf and Tim O'Reilly, and to all essay writers for agreeing that there should be an update on Open Sources. Thanks to my employers at Sun, and now Intel, for giving me space to work on the book, and to my colleagues at the Open Source Initiative for including me in the work. And finally, thanks to my co-editors, Chris and Mark, who had all the experience from creating the first book and generously shared it.

Mark Stone: This book is dedicated to my wife Karen and my son Alex; may your future always be open. Looking at the list of contributors here, I realize the three of us really do stand on the shoulders of giants and are privileged to facilitate what they have created. Several people at O'Reilly deserve special praise: Tim O'Reilly, for having the vision to recognize that the time was right for this book; Mike Hendrickson, who waited so patiently for the final manuscript; and Jamie Peppard, Marlowe Shaeffer, Audrey Doyle, and Rob Romano, who had the difficult production task of turning a wide range of formats and styles into a unified whole. My co-editors, Chris and Danese, have been invaluable and inspiring colleagues throughout this whole process. Finally, I'd like to thank xeno42, elcoronel, and beret for the example they set and the education they've given me; you guys live the ideal every day that the rest of us can only talk about.

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