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Gold, being the main currency in World of Warcraft, is always in demand. Though it is not especially hard to obtain gold in WoW, especially with the introduction of daily quests, there are a numbers of ways you can ensure you get it as you level whilst doing a wide variety of activities. These tips are not intended for someone who wants to rush to end game, more for a player who wants to experience everything in the game.

If you prefer solo play:

  • Leave as many quests as possible to do at the level cap. For example, if your level cap is 70, work through Outland doing every zone, in order. Generally, this will mean you hit 70 in either Nagrand or Blades Edge Mountains. Any subsequent quests will have their experience converted into gold - as the remaining quests are near the level cap, the experience conversion will be greatest. A side benefit of doing this is that the quests will generally be easier to complete.
  • Do all quests in all zones as you level (especially in Outland and Northrend). Only abandon quests when they're close to going grey. A good way of finding quests for each zone is to look them up on a database site like WoWWiki or Wowhead.
  • Do every daily quest at least once.
  • Get an addon which tells you which is the most expensive reward from a quest. If you don't plan on using the reward, this will gain you extra vendor gold. For example, you could use "VendorBait".
  • Do group quests as soon as possible. If you are a pet class, you can normally solo 3 man when a couple levels higher.
  • Don't vendor all mob drops, especially if they are green or better quality. Collect such drops - perhaps send them to an alt - then visit the AH and sell, sell, sell.

If you prefer group play:

  • Follow the tips for solo play, plus:
  • Kill mobs that drop cloth. It is always in high demand, and you can do it quickly in a group.
  • Run instances, and do any related quests!
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