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Kill everything!


Wherever you may be, whatever level you may be ... kill everything! You never know when something cool may drop.

There are generally three types of useful drops: items that start quests, uncommon weapons or armor, and ultra-rare items.

A number of quests start from normal creature drops. As you pass through areas

In other cases, you may come across unique, named mobs. These may appear slightly different to the other creatures, wander large areas or be slightly more powerful. Some are also rare spawns. Kill them! Most will drop at least an uncommon item or a quest item. However, be wary of unique elite creatures. If their hitpoints appear to be much larger than yours - don't try it. As a general rule it's normally safe to attack something with up to double your hitpoints, and perhaps a little higher for pet classes.

Finally, ultra-rare items. If you are lucky - very lucky - you may see a purple (epic) item drop, or perhaps a rare pet. Certain types of dragon whelp pets are extremely rare drops and can go for hundreds of gold on the Auction House. Of course, you could just keep the cute little thing...

By George Pribul

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3

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