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After many years as an amateur, Keith was first paid to write software in 1996. After that first job, maintaining a compiler built with lex and yacc, he progressed first to modelling microwave propagation for GSM network planning, then seasonal variations in demand for air-freight, in C++. A move to consultancy (and Java) introduced him to CORBA and then EJB, and then what was called at the time "e-commerce".

He weathered the crash in an Anglo-Indian venture writing operating system components, frameworks and applications for mobile phones, PDAs and industrial hand-helds. Remaining within the Mobile industry he moved to Singapore, working on device management and over-the-air provisioning. Returning to UK with an R&D brief he managed to do Smalltalk and Prolog at work, building prototypes.

After returning to consultancy he is now a Principle Consultant with Zuhlke. He also manages their Centre of Agile Practice. This group focusses on training, coaching, mentoring, toolsmithing and straight-forward development to enhance client teams capabilities. Keith increasingly focusses on the use of "checked examples" or "automated tests" as effective tools for requirements gathering and analysis, system design and project management.

Over his career Keith has moved from a mathematically grounded, semi-formal approach to development to embrace the Agile approach. He co-authored some of the earliest descriptions of successful distributed Agile development and has an on-going interest in the ways that Agile practices manifest themselves in the shape of systems.

He has spoken at every XpDay London conference, and some of the European ones too. He is a frequent presenter at the Spa (previously OT) conferences and the Agile summer conference. He has also presented at UNICOM and QCon.

He has a blog, and has collected his conference presentations on the web.

His email domain is and his full name with a dot between its words goes in front.

Postal address

Keith Braithwaite


55 Bryanston Street



United Kingdom

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