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== Image ==

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Jon Jagger


Jon Jagger is a self employed software consultant-trainer-programmer-mentor-enthusiast-etc specializing in agile software development (people and process), test driven development, UML, design, analysis, OO, curly bracket languages (C#, C++, Java). He is a UK C panel member, a lapsed UK C++ panel member, and served as the convenor and Principle UK Expert (PUKE!) on C# during its ECMA standardization. He is also the inventor of The Average Time To Green Game. He has had numerous articles published both online and in magazines and is the coauthor of two books C# Step by Step and C# Annotated Standard. Jon is married to the beautiful Natalie, and is the proud father of Ellie, Penny, and Patrick. He is also a mad keen freshwater fisherman.

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