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Full Name

Jørn Ølmheim


Jørn Ølmheim is a practicing software professional with 11 years’ experience as a developer, architect, and author/presenter.

Currently working for StatoilHydro's Business Application Services, mostly with projects related to Energy and IT research.

Since joining StatoilHydro in 1998 straight out of school, Mr. Ølmheim worked a number of years with systems for energy trading and transportation, and has been involved in multiple large scale projects particularly on the Java platform. He also has been strongly involved in introducing agile practices and processes to the development communities in StatoilHydro. These days he gets a lot of satisfaction from learning new languages like Ruby, Scala and Erlang, and introducing them to other developers.

His professional interests include agile software development, programming in any and all languages, enterprise application architecture, multi-agent systems, autonomous systems design, systems engineering practices and architecture. He is a member of the ACM and the IEEE Computer Society, as well as the SPE (Society Petroleum Engineers).

Mr. Ølmheim holds a MSc in Information Technology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway, where he lives with his family.

Contact Info Sagplassvegen 61, 7054 Ranheim, Norway


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