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Gathering tradeskills make decent money

Work in Progress

When you first begin to play World of Warcraft finding money can be difficult. However, the first levels are the best time to begin developing a gathering tradeskill (i.e. Mining, Herbalism, Enchanting, or Jewelcrafting). Because each of these skills require either low level items or that you be in a low level area, starting one of them can be a real P.I.T.A. at level 60 or 70.

When you start out with two gathering skills you can really benefit in the Auction House (AH). Bars, herbs, shards, uncut gems, etc. are always in demand. Jewelcrafting and Enchanting may require a more watchful eye (these tradecrafts don't require that you leave the AH!), but as long as you drop a stack or two on the AH when you log out at the end of the day, getting your riding mount at level 30 should be cake.

When you are higher level, and have a large pool of cash to draw from (because you made it rich on the AH), you can switch to the more creative tradeskills. These other skills can help you create more powerful equipment for yourself, help your guild progress faster, or make even larger sums of money after some time and effort, but don't provide a tangible benefit to the player until she reaches the level cap.

By Jesse Groppi

Edited by RMH 9/6/2008

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