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Learn First Aid...

Work in Progress

Learn First Aid even if you are a healer! It will always come in handy.

First Aid has two major uses: to augment raid healing and to reduce downtime. The second is the most common use. When soloing, bandaging between each kill allows the healer to conserve mana for fights and everyone else to double the speed at which they regenerate when used along with food. When you raid, you will also use bandaging to reduce downtime, but the skill is also useful in raid strategy. On some boss fights it is recommended to have non-essential raid members healing themselves via potions and bandages. It is also considered general raid etiquette to use bandages and potions in order to beef up general raid healing and to prevent your own death if your healers seem otherwise occupied in most encounters.

The materials you will use to create bandages are looted from the creatures you kill whilst levelling, so it is to your advantage to start First Aid as early as possible. [brief, general advice] OR [detailed description about when and where]???

By Jesse Groppi

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3

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