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Note: this advice is not about power levelling, but about getting the most out of your levelling experience.

Be lazy!
Put off travelling quests until you have other reasons to go to the place, or near the place, involved. For example, there is an early questline in the human starting areas at around level 15 which requires a lot of travelling - don't do it all at once. Just hand them in when you have a reason to switch area, or you get bored.
Be really lazy
Minimise intercontinental travel - boats and zeppelins are slooow. Only switch continents if you plan to spend at least a little while there levelling.
Be greedy!
Pick up all quests from each hub when you visit them, discard any that look like they will take too long. Some quests are notorious for asking for lots of random item drops - and some of these have very low drops rates. If a quest looks like it'll take ages, especially at your current level, ignore it. You can always come back!
Be really greedy!
Pick up quests as you pass through areas - you might find easy and fast quests. If you need a quick bit of rep, turn on low level quest tracking - you may find some quests you missed, and that are extremely simple at your level. You'll still get the full amount of reputation, and you can sell the reward.
It's a good idea to check database sites for quest chains - they are generally lucrative as they may have a good reward at the end, and just require a bunch of ferrying quests.
Have fun!
Do the fun quests! It is supposed to be a game, after all. There's no point rigidly sticking to what you are given if it's going to bore you :)
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