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Full Name

Edward Garson


Edward has been passionate about technology since learning to program in Logo on the Apple II. He currently works as a software architect in the Center for Agile Practices at Zuhlke Engineering, a leading Swiss-based technology firm.

Edward's technical interests include software architecture and design, functional and dynamic programming languages, agile methods and GNU/Linux. Edward enjoys presenting and has spoken on diverse topics at various conferences including Microsoft Architect's Council, the British Computer Society and VBUG (despite not knowing VB!).

Edward resides in Montreal with his wife and two sons. An English Quebecer, he is one of a rare and dying breed. In his spare time, Edward enjoys cooking, music, inline skating, climbing and cycle touring.

Contact Information

3508 Marcil Ave.
Montreal, Quebec
H4A 2Z3

Email Address

My user name is egarson and I have a gmail account. Feel free to write me directly, I enjoy discussing software.



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