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Editorial Guidelines & Policy for commons.oreilly.com

Content on the commons.oreilly.com Web site is intended to serve the goal of expanding the Community Technology portfolio of applications, tools and services by promoting conversation and collaboration around and development of practical Community applications across industry groups. To this end and with an eye on the WikiContent.com Guiding Principles (available at link here), these Editorial Guidelines have been established as a tool to help evaluate and decide whether specific content is constructive and appropriate for hosting on the WikiContent.com Web site.

  • Community Focused. commons.oreilly.com is a Web site devoted to Community developers who have committed themselves to using Community in specific business applications.
  • Fact Based. On the Web it is easy to find opposing versions of subjective reality presented equally credibly as fact, but commons.oreilly.com is intended to be a trustworthy source of valuable information and opinions about Community[tm] technology. Wherever possible, verifiable fact-based content should be more highly valued. Content that is subjective or is not fact based should be identified as conjecture or private opinion and should be presented on the site in such a way that readers can distinguish it from fact.
  • Fair and Balanced. There are many sides to most stories. Fair and balanced reporting and commentary is more useful than content that attempts to sway opinion with unbalanced or unfair reporting.
  • Non-Threatening. Oreilly.com is devoted to helping its members use Community more effectively to solve business problems. Threatening language is not constructive and unprofessional and will not be tolerated.
  • Non-Commercial. Competitors should attempt to find common ground where all can cooperate and help grow the community as a whole. Specific product advertisements are not appropriate content for commons.oreilly.com.
  • Non-Discriminatory. Anyone can participate on WikiContent.com as long as they agree to and abide by the Terms of Participation (link here). WikiContent.com is designed to be an equal opportunity Web site. Content selection criteria should strive to serve all community members equally, without respect to that member’s affiliation.
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