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It's never too early to start editing your contributions. I made the mistake of not scrutinizing my contributions closely enough until after I had 97 candidate contributions and as a result I been having to rework most, if not all, of the axioms contributed. Other Editors such as Kevlin Henney have done the opposite. They have started scrutinizing contributions immediately. Suggesting changes, correcting errors, spotting duplicates, and so on. In the end this will make their jobs much easier and also create a better working relationship with their contributers.

The truth is that most axioms need a little work. It's rare that one qualifies right out of the gate. In fact most axioms contributed (probably about 70%) are no good for one reason or another. This is especially true when your project goes public. When its private I would say about one-third to one-half need a lot of work.

When you start a new project start vetting entries immediately that will ensure that you have the best quality contributions and little or no duplication.

other editors should feel free to edits this entry as they see fit - the more input the better.

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