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Full Name

Dave Quick

Dave is the Owner, Chief Architect, Janitor and sole employee of Thoughtful Arts. Thoughtful Arts develops off-the-shelf software for musicians and provides software design consulting for companies who develop music or arts oriented software.

First exposed to computers in 1969 as an Explorer Scout at the research facilities of Standard Oil. Dave was so impressed by programming with punch cards that he pursued a career as a professional musician until the first relatively affordable micro-computers became a reality.

Dave has designed and written many kinds of software, including; audio processing, MIDI and audio sequencing, general accounting, manufacturing shop-floor automation, on-line and off-line games, programming tools, scripting languages, network management, software distribution, museum exhibits, and many others.

Consulting experience ranges from small businesses through non-profits to numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Dave has presented at many developer conferences, was a contributor to "Enterprise Solution Patterns Using Microsoft .NET Version 2.0", and played the guitar solo on the song "Lime Light" by Kepi and Kat in the X-Box 360 game "Perfect Dark Zero".

Thoughtful Arts 4955 Peterson Rd. SE Port Orchard, WA 98367



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