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The idea here is to get a book of industry experts in various aspects of Data acquisition, manipulation, streaming, serving, visualizing, displaying, protecting, understanding and show how each specific aspect has a beautiful nature to it. I would love to see an Appendix of all the great data sources that folks can acquire and use. The Appendix could be built through wiki-based URL submissions.

Beautiful Data

Clarity of vision in a world of increasing data volume and complexity. Novel perspectives, new capabilities. Increased understanding and efficiency. Expanding the scientific method into more extreme conditions.

Motivations and Background

Break data analysis into stages:

  • collection
  • storage
  • organization
  • retrieval
  • visualization
  • analysis

Recent books:

  • The Numerati by Stephen Baker
  • Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning by Thomas H. Davenport and Jeanne G. Harris
  • Programming Collective Intelligence by Toby Segaran

Open source projects:

  • hadoop
  • hbase
  • cassandra
  • kfs
  • lustre
  • sge
  • hypertable

Open data projects

  • infochimps

Possible Authors

Name Topic Title URL Projects
Nathan Yau Personal Data Seeing Your Life In Data
Jonathan Follett; Matt Holm Money/Financial Data The Beautiful People: Keeping users in mind when designing data collection methods Hot Knife
John M. Hughes Mars Lander Data Embedded Image Data Processing on Mars
Raghu Ramakrishnan; Brian Cooper; Utkarsh Srivastava Dist/Parellel Data Cloud Storage Design in a PNUTShell
Jeff Hammerbacher Cloud Data Information Platforms and the Rise of the Data Scientist
Jason Dykes; Jo Wood Geo-Spatial Data The Geographic Beauty of a Photographic Archive
Jeff Jonas; Lisa Sokol Data finds Data Data Finds Data
Jud Valeski Bridging Data Portable Data in Real Time Gnip
Alon Halevy; Jayant Madhavan Deep Data Surfacing the Deep Web OpenII
Aaron Koblin; Valdean Klump Music Video Data Building Radiohead's House of Cards Radiohead's "House of Cards" Video
Michael Migurski Visualizing Urban Data
Jeff Heer Data Visualization The Design of Prefuse, Flare
Coco Krumme What data doesn't do What Data Doesn't Do Center for Future Banking
Peter Norvig Pattern Data Natural Language Corpus Data
Matt Wood; Ben Blackburne DNA Data Life in Data: The Story of DNA
Cameron Neylon; Willighagen; Bradley; Lindenbaum; Williams; Guha; Lang Streaming/Live Data Beautifying Data from the Real World
Lukas Biewald; Brendan O'Connor Human Task Data Superficial Data Analysis: Exploring Millions of Social Stereotypes Dolores Labs
Hadley Wickham; Deborah Swayne; David Poole Statistical Data Bay Area Blues: The Effect of the Housing Crisis
Andrew Gelman; John Kastellec; Yair Gihtza Political Data Beautiful Political Data
Toby Segaran Connecting Data Connecting Data
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