97 Things Every 97 Things Editor Should Know

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Contribution 3. [[Make Progress Visible]]
Contribution 3. [[Make Progress Visible]]
Contribution 4. [[Avoid Cross-Linking]]
Contribution 4. [[Avoid Hyperlinking]]
Contribution 5.
Contribution 5. [[Avoid Inter-Axiom References]]
Contribution 6.
Contribution 6.

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I don't know if we will ever reach 97 or exceed it, but I thought it was important to start a list of advice that seasoned 97 editors can share with new 97 editors and each other. I've learned a lot of lessons from a lot of mistakes and I think others can learn from my experience. I also know I can learn from others doing 97 things projects. If you figure something out post it here - we may not agree but every axiom should teach us something or at the very least be fodder for discussion and lead to consensus.

One thing that is different here is that this should be treated as a true wiki - feel free to make corrections and edits to others' works. Don't be concerned about getting credit for a contribution - lets focus on working together to make the series great. I contributed the first axiom - feel free to whack it (also be ready to defend your reasons), improve it, add to it, or whatever. More importantly add new axioms that will help others be more successful with their own 97 Things projects.

Contribution 1. Edit Early, Edit Often

Contribution 2. Don't settle for Mediocre

Contribution 3. Make Progress Visible

Contribution 4. Avoid Hyperlinking

Contribution 5. Avoid Inter-Axiom References

Contribution 6.

Contribution 7.

Contribution 8.

Contribution 9.

Contribution 10.

Contribution 11.

Contribution 12.

Contribution 13.

Contribution 14.

Contribution 15.

Contribution 16.

Contribution 17.

Contribution 18.

Contribution 19.

Contribution 20.

Contribution 21.

Contribution 22.

Contribution 23.

Contribution 24.

Contribution 25.

Contribution 26.

Contribution 27.

Contribution 28.

Contribution 29.

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