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The Software Project Manager needs to align team members with the vision and the outcome. He has to think about, at least in two things:

1. What the system should do? - SMART View: (Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon, realistic and Time Constraint)

2. What the users think the system would do? - Subjective View: (Expectative and perceptions from the users during the initiating phase)

Number one point´s out to the result of the Software Project, Technically and functional. And the objective must to be clear for all the team and supported by the sponsor of the project. The outcomes has to be align with the strategic objective of the business area that´s going to be the owner of the system (who will manage the Governance of the Data).

Numbre two it´s very important to the software project manager. He should know and try to identify what outcomes the users expect; and how they think is going to help them in their "day to day" work. The benefits could be more clearly and easier to show if the Software Project Manager knows how to sell the Project. In addition, the decisions across the projects would be more fluent, because the Software Project manager knows really what do the users expect and what the system is really for, having the opportunity to negotiate change control submissions more effective and clarifying any misunderstanding during the project execution phase.

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