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Scott published one of the first public websites implemented in Grails in 2006 and has been actively working with the technology ever since.

Author of many books such as Groovy Recipes: Greasing the Wheels of Java and GIS for Web Developers; and two ongoing IBM developerWorks article series (Mastering Grails and in 2009, Practically Groovy); Scott writes extensively about how Groovy and Grails are the future of Java development.

Scott teaches public and private classes on Groovy and Grails for start-ups and Fortune 100 companies. He is the co-founder of the Groovy/Grails Experience conference and is a regular presenter on the international technical conference circuit (including No Fluff Just Stuff, JavaOne, OSCON, TheServerSide, and QCON).

In 2008, Scott was voted the top Rock Star at JavaOne for his talk "Groovy, the Red Pill: How to blow the mind of a buttoned-down Java developer".

You can contact Scott through his company, ThirstyHead, at

Image:scott davis 2009.jpg

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