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When you create your first character, you should pick your two professions (and possibly some of the secondary ones as well) as soon as you leave your starter (levels 1-5) mini-zone. Some people think that it would be easier to go back at higher levels and train their professions then. They very often regret that choice. But you shouldn't just pick any profession either.

There are two kinds of professions. Ten (eleven with Wrath of the Lich King) primary professions, of which you are able to choose two, and three secondary professions of which you can choose all.

The primary professions can be split into three categories: gathering, crafting and services.

name function combines well with benefits classes
gathering professions Herbalism gathering flowers and herbs herbalism, inscription all
Mining mining and smelting ore and gems from veins found in the wilderness blacksmithing, engineering, jewelcrafting all
Skinning skinning beasts you kill for leather and hides leatherworking all
crafting professions Alchemy using herbs and flowers to brew potions. Usefull in instances and raids. herbalism mostly all
Blacksmithing creating chain and mail armor and weapons from metal bars mining warrior, paladin, hunter
Engineering Using metal, gems and other objects to create mechanical weapons, pets, explosives and other doodads. to a certain extent mining nearly all
Leatherworking crafting leather gear and certain pouches from leather and hides skinning rogues, druids, shamans (pre-40) and hunters (pre-40)
Tailoring crafting cloth gear and different kinds of bags from cloth (drops from humanoids). enchanting mages, priest, warlocks
Jewelcrafting using gems and metal to create amulets, rigns and trinkets. mining all
service professions Enchanting giving armor and weapons extra magical properties to boost your stats (health, strenght, intellect, sword skill, etc.).
Inscription changing spells and skills to do more damage, have critical hits more often, knocking back enemies, etc.
secondary professions Cooking making food from meat and other ingredients.
First Aid making bandages from cloth and antidotes from poison.
Fishing fishing from lakes, rivers and ponds.

There are several factors you should consider when choosing you profession:

  • would I benefit from choosing this or this profession?
your class choice may be the most important factor in this choice, very few mages have blacksmithing
  • what do I see myself doing when I reach the level cap?

By Mathias B. Ose

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3

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