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  • NFC will be used as a trigger: tap the counter at your favorite bar, connect to their WiFi without needing to know the SSID or passphrase. Establish Bluetooth connections, etc.?
  • How will we know when something is NFC-enabled? It works for things like Foursquare stickers because they are right there in the window.
  • NFC Payments are big in Asia. Why not here?
  • Why doesn't Google have card emulation in Android yet? Brian: Probably because it's way too easy to clone a card and until things are straightened out, card emulation in Android could enable a lot of craziness (there is already one such app:
  • Sasa: Lot of potential for NFC, potential is big outside of mobile payments, but we don't know whether or what is being done in mobile payments.
  • Kiran: Phone to phone stuff is a huge area because as NFC appears in more phones, the infrastructure is just there, no need to install it.
  • Marko: geogaming is going to be big
  • Oswald: is doing stuff
  • Andrej: Magic: this stuff is going to seem like magic to normal people
  • Zigurd is working on a printer that encodes information about printer ink level in the cartridges using NFC.


  • Big Limitation: can't use unpowered devices with the ADK.
  • We don't know who's building stuff with this yet.
  • isynchronous protocol (for streaming) doesn't exist yet
  • In addition to asking who is working on this in industry, we should look at how much hobbyists are jumping on this. It appeals to both manufacturers and Makers
  • Anybody with an idea can build on this, not just existing manufacturers.
  • Sasa: it's the Anti Made for iPod
  • Democratizing Innovation

P.S. from Brian: Microchip is also shipping an ADK kit based on their PIC chip. They like to tell people that Arduino can't be used as a basis for product development, and this was their mantra at Google IO. Not true. Both PIC and Arduino are viable platforms for product development. The Microchip guys have a number of issues with Arduino's popularity, and it didn't help that everyone walked up to them and asked "is this the Arduino"?

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