Do not compromise on COMMUNICATION channels while managing distributed projects

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All project managers know the importance of communication; more so project managers managing distributed software projects. However have you ever thought of including details like Instant Messenger (IM) addresses of your team members in your crisp communication plan! Have you thought of mentioning about the Overlap time between the geographically distributed time (we have had teams in NY, London and India working on 1 single project and planning and communicating can be a mess!). Here are few things that you can start including your communication plan if you are managing a distributed project

1. Overlap time between different geographically distributed teams (don't forget the Daylight Saving Time)

2. IM addresses (as many IMs possible) of all the team members (and if possible their availability time on these tools)

3. Conference call access details

4. Daily Stand-Up meeting schedule

5. Holiday lists for different team calendar

6. Back up for key team resources in each team

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