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An axiom should be able to stand on its own without having to reference or hyperlink any other resource. Remember an axiom is a self-contained piece of wisdom; a truism that doesn't need to be substantiated outside the axiom itself. If the body of the axiom doesn't succinctly explain itself than its too large of a concept to be an axiom. We have, however, made some exceptions for citations. Citations can be used when referencing a book or article of renown - especially if the original idea you are writing about was written or invented by the author of cited work - but citations should also be when possible.

Hyperlinking is strictly forbidden! While we are using a wiki to author axioms we are not creating linked documents. Axioms are encapsulated. This also includes hyperlinking or even referencing other axioms. Don't do it. For one thing if an axiom is dependent on another axiom it doesn't stand on its own and its not encapsulated. On a more practical level the axioms you refer to might be rejected or even deleted and so referencing or hyerlinking to other axioms is risky and is also forbidden.

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