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Market/s is/are fragmented

There's a proliferation of app stores--every device provider.

Google marketplace still the authoritative store. Amazon could be a bigger player.

How can we write and distribute a single binary

App ecosystem: fragmented. Multiple verifications. Not clear that people uploading apps own them. Cases where people are downloading apps, stripping DRM, and reposting on stores.

People are putting malware on some existing apps.

Amazon: hard to list. Lack of transparency. DLP -- can sell your app for anything.


It's all a nightmare. Lockdown from vendors to their own marketplace. Manual work for each and every appstore. Sung from Twitter: Need to distinguish between free and for pay apps.

Amazon trying to impose some order, but being a heavy. However, downloads are tiny right now. But, mumblings about Amazon developing own Android devices.

Who is doing it well? None.

fdroid--place for free apps, but probably won't go anywhere.

Too many app stores Too many different rules

Amazon has too much control, wont let devs push updates

K9 on 15 app stores, at least 30 out there

Mod/warez scene forandroid isgrowing. Lots of ported apps Roge uploads hzppen. Unscrupulous haxors upload malware to app stores, not all stors catch it.

Google is raising the bar, requiring cst compliance.

Hung: wont do twitter direct distros, ppl are trzined to go to app stores, also app stores have bult in updates,

Q Will chrome web store 95/5 split move to the google android marketplace? How do you zcheive ubiquity?

Developers can ignore most: Sung--we only distribute to Marketplace and Amazon.

Apple controls so tightly that itunes is not an ecosystem. Should Google impose similar restrictions?

Refund window in Marketplace is 15 mins. Amazon is 0.

Amazon: Rumors of new devices, phones and tablets, coming out. Android-based.

Everyone will have an app store. A tubemogel-like distributor?

How many appstores are international? 3-4 largish in Europe. Amazon's distribution will help them here; they already have websites.

Sung: Consolidation will take a year or two. Holiday seasons will be important.

Developer has control on App with Android

Google is in bed with all the Carriers and device manufacturers

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