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  • Dave Mathews: Openness is important, no licensing, in contrast to Apple's AirPlay. Android devices will be remote renderers vs AirPlay which is sending full content.
  • Andrej Kostresevic: What's the future? Will it be another announcement that doesn't get strong marketing support or adoption.
  • Joe Bowser: What is it running? Which parts of Android? We don't know.
  • Beth Mezias: AtHome is a broad umbrella. Some of the technologies that might fall under it: Bluetooth, ADK, NFC, 3D tv, 3d phones, etc.
  • Marko Gargenta: Android is a systems controller. Preannounced future.
  • Alec Gentrides: What is the protocol? We don't know. UPNP? Bonjour? We need to know more about that.
  • Brian Jepson: Coverage of this seems to be conflating ADK and Android At Home. Is this wrong?
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