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This is the (provisional) home page for developing Beautiful AR, a book of project anecdotes and wisdom collected from leading contributors or teams in the field of augmented reality. The Acquisitions Editor for this book is Brian Jepson. The Project Editor is Tish Shute.

Note: This site is not public - this wiki is only an interim space where we can develop the book. Please do not distribute or post a link to this site.


How to Use this Page

Please add your contributions or suggested topics here. Before you can edit the page, you will need to create an account. Once you have created an account and logged in, you will be able to click the "edit" tab on the top of this page to add a new contribution. (If you're new to using the wiki, do it now; you can read the rest of these instructions in that window.)

A new window will appear with colored icons at the upper left.

To add yourself as a contributor:

  • Place your cursor next to one of the empty lines beginning with "|", and click the "Ab" icon at the top of this page (third from the left). Type your name, replacing the words "Link title" which appear inside double brackets.
  • Add "||" and click the "Ab" icon again. Type your topic to replace the words "Link title" within the brackets.
  • Add another "||" and any other columns you may wish to fill in (if you want to skip a column, just leave a space between sets of "||").
  • To add an external link in the "Projects" column, click on the fourth icon from the left (with the globe and document). Replace the example URL with yours (don't forget to keep the "http://" and replace "link title" with the name of your project.

At the bottom of the page, click the "Save page" button. You'll be taken back to the Home Page.

To add your contributor bio: Click on the red link showing your name to be taken to a window where you can either create or cut and paste your contributor bio as you would like it to appear in the book. It's fine if this evolves over time. Remember to click the "Save page" button at the lower left after you have added your content.

To add your topic content: Click on the red link showing your topic to be taken to a window where you can either create or cut and paste your ideas on that topic. Please begin with a one-sentance summary of your chapter. Again, it's fine if this evolves over time. Remember to click the "Save page" button at the lower left after you have added your content.

To receive a contributor agreement: Please add your contact information at AR Addresses. We cannot publish your chapter in the book without a contributor agreement.


Name(s) Topic Chapter Title URL Projects/ Affiliations Comments
Brian Jepson Beautiful AR How to Collaborate on a Book About AR, How to Put Lots of Markers in a Book About AR Mac OS X for Unix Geeks I'm looking forward to working on this book with all of you!
Tish Shute Beautiful AR Title [Project] Comments
Sean White Topic Title [Project] Comments
Paige Saez, Anselm Hook Design, Ethics and Choice in AR What we choose to see [Project] Comments
Add Name Topic Title URL [Project] Comments
Add Name Topic Title URL [Project] Comments
Add Name Topic Title URL [Project] Comments
Add Name Topic Title URL [Project] Comments
Add Name Topic Title URL [Project] Comments


If you would like to nominate contributors for Beautiful AR, please send their names, email addresses, and potential topics to Brian Jepson or Tish Shute.

If you would like to nominate a charity to which the royalties will be donated, please add it to the list below. To "second" a charity, increase the number in parentheses next to that charity by one. Feel free to second as many charities as you like, but please do so only once (no ballot stuffing!).

  • Charity 1 (1)
  • Charity 2 (1)
  • Charity 3 (1)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some specs and FAQs regarding the book.

How big will the book be?

We expect the book to come in between 400-500 pages. Total page dimensions will be 7" x 9.1875". Maximum printed dimensions (for purposes of illustrations, etc.) will be 4.8" x 7".

How long should my chapter be?

Each chapter should be roughly 10-15 pages in length (approx. 5,000-8,000 words).

What's the deal with royalties?

All author royalties from the book will be donated to charity, since that's simpler than trying to split them among dozens of contributors. Final say on which charity to select will rest with the book's Editors, but nominations may be made and voted on in the above section.

What format should I submit it in?

Ideally, chapters should be submitted in Word, using the template Brian will send to you.

What if I don't like/don't want to use Word?

We would be thrilled for you to use DocBook XML and would be happy to send you a template for that. Other formats such as LaTeX, OpenOffice, or InDesign are possibilities only if absolutely necessary - please contact Brian Jepson ASAP if one of these formats is required.

What format should my figures/illustrations be in?

There are two types of illustrations: screenshots and drawn figures. Do not use the JPEG file format for saving screenshots. These are not ideal for print. Please use GIF, TIF, PNG, or BMP. Do not crop, add callouts, or modify your final files; we will do all of that for you. Just let us know if you require callouts and supply one file with callouts added and one without. (Callouts are text added to screenshots or photos that label or describe elements.)

When initially rendering drawn figures, you should use whatever method is most comfortable for you. Figures can be sketched, described in text, or generated using a computer drawing program. All illustrations will be modified to fit the style of O’Reilly books; you should not be concerned with creating a masterpiece. If you have any concerns, please contact Brian sooner rather than later.

Will the book be printed in color?

To be determined.

Can I retain the copyright on my chapter? What about reprinting it?

Yes. You retain copyright on your contributions, and grant us the right to print and reuse it. You are free to reprint the chapter under a public license (such as Creative Commons) on or after the date the book comes out, but we ask that you not publish it before that date.

What do you need from me when I submit my chapter?

We're so glad you asked! Submitting the following three things will go a long way towards avoiding errors in your chapter:

  • A file containing the text of your chapter, formatted using one of our templates (Word or DocBook XML).
  • Individual figure files, named with the format "fig01.png", "fig02.png", etc.
  • A Figure List that includes the filename, figure number (yes, these should correspond to each other), caption, and type ("screenshot" or "drawing") for each figure.

Also, please make sure you have finalized your contributor bio and chapter summary on this wiki.

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