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Podcast Questions

  • Ask a specific question about their community. (always ask first)
  • Is this the community you set out to build?
  • Has the community taken you in unexpected directions?
  • Has it ever taken you in directions you didn't want to go?
  • How do you define community?
  • What are the most important lessons that you have learned about how to build a successful community?
  • What can people do to encourage a diverse group of community participants of different genders, geographic location, and expertise?
  • How have communities changed over the past few years?
  • How do you think communities will evolve over the next few years? (always ask last)

Danese / Daniel - please feel free to update with other ideas / changes!

Podcasts Recorded

Danese - can you fill in any that you have finished?

Podcasts To Do


  • Eric Von Hippel
  • Chris DiBona


  • Tim O’Reilly
  • Karl Fogel
  • Jimmy Wales
  • Ken Urquhart, Java Community Process
  • Robert Scoble
  • Amy Jo Kim
  • Someone from creation of SecondLife
  • Brian Behlendorf
  • Ward Cunningham
  • Mitchell Baker
  • Ian Murdoch
  • Linus Torvalds
  • Ned Gulley matLabs
  • Craig Newmark (Craig’s List)
  • Zack Rosen (CivicSpaceLabs))
  • Doc Searls
  • Kevin Rose or Jay Adelson Digg
  • Artur Bergman
  • uber user someone from MySpace
  • Larry Lessig Creative Commons
  • other futures types like SecondLife Doctor, Joi Ito about WOW
  • I probably missed a few

Podcast Production Completed

Daniel can put his list here.

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