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Ch 6: How to Create Community (planned vs. emergent structure)

 (Suggested Vignette: Amy Jo Kim, someone from creation of SecondLife)

Communities can be carefully planned in advance, or they may emerge over time. This chapter would include the key elements of starting a community and some steps to take to ensure success. We may want to reference some of Amy Jo Kim's ideas here.

Envisioning Affinity:

Easy exercise to discover guiding principals of community you would like to build

Community Lifecycle:

Drawing (need to work on this) of stages in life of community...from discovery of affinity through growth and regulation to renewal or forking and eventual archive

Shared History:

Discussion of the importance of archiving, self-intros, greeting new members, marking milestones, sharing statistics

Parenting (Governance):

Role of the "List Mom" ("Webmaster" or "Benevolent Dictator"). Other possible parenting schemes (Shared Custody, Board of Directors, Community Council, Community Facilitator, Reviewer)


A word about planning for success and ongoing funding

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