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Ch 5: Communities in the Corporate Environment

 (Suggested Vignette: Ken Urquhart, Java Community Process, Scoble))

Corporations and other organizations can also create internal communities and have some of the same benefits that open source and other online communities have enjoyed including global collaboration and nurturing an innovative environment. While many projects are started by developers, other projects are started by corporations or other organizations before being released into the open source community (Eclipse / Other companies "dump" unwanted products into the open source community hoping that someone will adopt the products, or companies with good intentions release a product into open source but are unable to build a self-sustaining community around the project.

Using Affinity to Build Brand Loyalty:

Why corporations build communities. Examples of powerful affinity communities (airline mileage & hotel programs, additional services in exchange for membership). Developer Communities (MSDN & Channel9, Java Developer Connection).

The Urge to Control:

Degrees of Open-ness & Barriers to Entry: Building trust is essential. Clear, well-defined rules of engagement. Not pretending to be more open than you are. Membership and Passwords (gets must accrue in exchange for gives. Session sharing and maintaining master passwords. Privacy concerns.

Know your Audience:

Messaging persists on the web and can (and will) be compared. NDAs and legal devices as a community regulation tool.

Corporations Working With Existing Communities:

Discussion of considerations for how to fit into existing communities.

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