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Ch 12: Networking Communities (LinkedIn, MySpace, LiveJournal)

  (Suggested Vignette – Artur Bergman, Fred Stutzman (social Networking), uber user someone from MySpace)

Some communities serve purely social networking functions and are particularly popular with younger users (MySpace, Facebook), while other communities provide business networking functions (LinkedIn).

Social Networking

Online communities are increasingly being used to facilitate real world social activities. MySpace, used primarily by young people, is used to communicate with friends, organize parties / events, and share information on likes and dislikes.

Business Networking

With sites like LinkedIn, people are being connected via networking communities where I can meet Jane because she and I both know Jim, and Jim can introduce us virtually to make the connection. These communities are not just being used to meet people and network; they are also used for job searching and other business activities.

Promotional Networking (there is probably a better name for this)

Indie music is on an upswing primarily due to networking communities like MySpace where bands can promote their latest music or concert, which can be picked up and shared between friends on these networking sites. Other examples of this include podcasting and books that are freely available, but used to promote other activities.

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